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“Hello Claire great Newsletter well done you! The reason you keep going back is the fundamental rule of sales. People buy from people and connection is everything!”

Rob Donnelly

“Can I first of all say how inspiring I that I find your work?! Although I’m not – yet – in the right field of work to take advantage of your training and mentoring, your emails remind me why I’m working towards it! So thank you!”

Elspeth Alexandra


“Hi Claire. I’m always very interested to read what you do. I am sure I’ll pick up lots of ideas. Your newsletters are fantastic.”

Annette Witte


“Hi Claire. What a useful newsletter today!”

Teresa Lovern

“Loved your article in this week’s newsletter about T&Cs. I find this is the most difficult thing to put into place you have given me lots of ideas. Thank you!”

Jane Thomas


“Hi Claire. A really interesting newsletter today…I’m just trying to set up all my social media stuff and you are very inspiring on how to get on with it and do it! Just wanted to say a big THANKS!!”

Caroline Stephens

“Thank you for your newsletter, Claire. It’s great to have someone as experienced as you are to ask questions to.”

Emma Cullen


“Hi Claire. Always great content – I look forward to Sunday mornings and what will land in my inbox from you 😊”

Claire Murphy

Do you want to be known as the Pilates instructor who follows the crowd? Because this might be the way you're headed if you keep going down this path… ⚰️

Who was it that recommended that 6-week courses were The Law when it comes to teaching Pilates classes…? 🤷‍♀️

Sure, we need commitment from our clients to turn up, show up and progress through the exercise repertoire, but does it HAVE to be 6 weeks, as though it's set in stone…? 🪨

I want you to know that you can operate your business however you want to, you can make money doing it, and you can take time off whenever you like too (you're the boss, remember?) 👩‍💻

If 6-week courses are LIMITING you, and/or your clients in some way, please know that there are so many other pricing options available which:

✅ help you cut down the time it takes to collect payments (because that's an absolute bind every 6 weeks, isn't it?)
✅ still provide flexible attendance for your clients, and
✅ provide you with income into your fitness business all-year round

Want to learn other ways of pricing your classes that offer you consistent income, provide wiggle room for clients, but most of all, more freedom for you…?

Well, you're in luck, because I'm teaching ALL of the pricing strategies I've used in my very own successful fitness business in my NEW 2-hour workshop 🙌🏻

Profit, Pricing + Productivity Workshop:
📆 Monday 19th April 2021
⏲ London 12-2pm / Sydney 9-11pm / New York 7-9am
📍 Zoom (replay available)

Link is in the bio!

Let's say YES to getting you out of the 6-week Pilates course grave, shall we? 🙋🏼‍♀️

Are you really undecided about which classes to keep teaching on Zoom, and which ones to teach face-to-face?

Do you feel like you want to go back to serving some clients in real life, but you kind of promised yourself that you'd make changes to how your run your business going forward and now you feel scared…?

Well, as the world slowly opens up again and lockdown eases in some parts of the world, it's definitely a confusing time for the fitness professional, and chances are you have several decisions to make, and you feel totally overwhelmed by it all

Over on the #PelvicpreneurPodcast this week, I'm dedicating a whole NEW episode to this topic

So, allow me to guide you through the process of making the BEST decisions possible for your clients post-Covid, and ultimately ensure that you go armed with all of your bases covered

Search and subscribe to the "Pelvicpreneur Podcast" in your podcast app now and tune in NOW!

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I'm up early today to Zoom with my pelvic floor teachers inside my Your Pelvic Matters community!

I've had LOTS of questions submitted ahead of this month's group coaching call, and all of these questions are so educated and mixed. What can I say - I love my job!

Here's a selection of some of the questions I'm answering on today's call below:

✅ Is over active bladder a pelvic floor issue or an issue of its own?
✅ I have a prolapse client and I can see that she understands why we are doing the YPM exercises. However, I get the feeling that she would like to have some further challenging exercises now, so would adding in squats and lunges, and some transverse moves be ok?
✅ In the "Standing Stance" my knees turn in and many of my clients' do too. ✅ What is the best way to walk in order to maintain/encourage this external rotation of the femur?
✅ I'm looking to write my own pelvic floor course and create a series of courses for different fitness methods. From your experience, would you recommend 6 weeks as the best timeframe for the pelvic floor one, and then similar course lengths thereafter? I would really welcome your guidance on this.
✅ When you’ve worked with pregnant and early postnatal or breastfeeding clients, what guidance have you given them in relation to their higher levels of relaxin?
✅ When you build relationships with other pelvic health professionals, how much of the YPM approach do you share with them?
✅ I'm curious how working with a recent postpartum anal prolapse would differ from a prolapse that happens over time. Or, would you treat them the same?

All in a day's work over here as a #Pelvicpreneur and #YourPelvicMatters creator! 🙌

Some super varied discussions this month as you can see, and I surprise myself with the amount of advice, experience and skills my brain possesses sometimes 🧠 🤣

What a great start to the week, huh? Happy Monday! 😍

Tune into episode 61 of the #PelvicpreneurPodcast with special guest @_jesshoover, who's here to talk about money mindset

In this episode, Life Coach, Jess, uncovers the truth about:

1⃣ where our stories and beliefs about money actually stem from,
2⃣ why we feel stuck when we want to do simple things in our business like raise our prices, and
3⃣ why we've all denied ourselves the joy of purchasing something because of its price, and what that actually does to us

Strap yourself in for this full-length, uncensored episode, and enjoy!

Search and subscribe to the "Pelvicpreneur Podcast" in your podcast app now and tune in

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This week on the podcast, we're joined by special guest, @_jesshoover, who's an Intuitive Life Coach and she's here to talk about MINDSET, and in particular money mindset

The way in which people en masse are advised to address their money mindset is not necessarily helpful, so, if you believe that you can simply change your money mindset just by thinking differently - you could be mistaken here

In this episode, Jess uncovers the truth about:

1⃣ where our stories and beliefs about money actually stem from,
2⃣ why we feel stuck when we want to do simple things in our business like raise our prices, and
3⃣ why we've all denied ourselves joy from not purchasing something that we really wanted due to its price, at some point or another

If you're a fitness professional and you're still turning up to teach a Zoom class for 2 people because you think it's the right thing to do…

…strap yourself in Jess' answer to that question in this full-length, uncensored episode, and enjoy!

Search and subscribe to the "Pelvicpreneur Podcast" in your podcast app now and tune in

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FitPros, I know there are a lot of moving parts to your business, and I know there are some tasks you absolutely hate doing. Am I right, or am I right?

If you're completely averse to paying someone like a Virtual Assistant to DO the work you hate doing, then the only option you've got here is to work out ways that you can do these dreaded tasks quicker

Out now on the #PelvicpreneurPodcast is an episode on 3 Ways To Improve Productivity (And Why Fancy Planners Don't Work!), so search "Pelvicpreneur Podcast" in your podcast app, and enjoy!

I'd love to know what 3 tasks you HATE doing in your business!

(My 3 are in the comments below! ⬇⬇⬇)

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I met a Pilates instructor once who admitted she hadn't raised her prices in 10 years. 10 years!!? I was like "Are you kidding me?!"

Venue hire, insurance, Zoom, music licences, music playlists, audio/visual equipment, exercise equipment, cleaning supplies, online file storage, graphic design programs, stationery, Accountant's fees, footwear, clothing - the cost of these do NOT stay the same for 10 years - they all increase, don’t they?

All of the costs associated with running your fitness business go up, and unless you're packing MORE people into your classes (unlikely right now), you're actually earning LESS than you were the year before

I know you want to keep your rates the same, because you're really fearful that you'll scare clients away if you raise your prices

I know that you think it's fairer for your clients to just keep the class fees the same, because well, 2020 was a rough year and you feel sorry for them

But, at the end of the day, you're running a business not a charity, and I'm a mission this year to help you, the FitPro, earn what you deserve

Do you want to gain money confidence when it comes to pricing your classes and charging your worth?

Want to learn how to break the cycle of over-delivering and under-charging for your services?

Eager to discover ways to get much needed cash injection and find hidden profit in your fitness business?

Well, I'm teaching ALL of this and more in my NEW 2-hour workshop on Profit, Pricing + Productivity Workshop

📆 Monday 19th April 2021
⏲ London 12-2pm / Sydney 9-11pm / New York 7-9am
📍 Zoom (replay available)

Grab your £97 early bird seat now! Link is in bio

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I shaved my ankles just so I could wear these @vivobarefoot trainers today and share this shoe selfie on Instagram 😬 👟

Have you experienced some sunshine recently that’s enabled you to wear a different pair of barefoot shoes...?! Kind of exciting, isn’t it?! ☀️

Tell me what you’re wearing in the comments and let’s geek out, fellow foot nerds 🦶🏻⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

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Hi, I'm Claire Mockridge, FitPro Business Mentor and Pelvic Floor Train-The-Trainer, and in November 2019, after 14 years, I quit teaching my fitness and Pilates classes 👍

It was hands-down one of THE hardest things I have ever done and I can't tell you how much I agonised over the decision - I felt like I was letting my clients down - I was paralysed with fear 😨

Here's the thing though: sometimes, we get so caught up in our own business that what we do all day every day ends up becoming the ONLY way, and we then reach a point where we just can't see a way out. Sound familiar? 🙋

I've parachuted in and saved several fitness businesses just like yours with a little word called "perspective" (amazing how you can't see stuff until it's pointed out, huh?), and a little light dusting of "strategy" (just for good measure) 🦄

I want you to know that you CAN operate your business however you want to, you CAN make money doing it, and you CAN take time off whenever you like (which is what you're craving right now, isn't it?) 🤩

With a few tweaks here and there to the day-to-day running of things, it's definitely possible for you to get back in the driving seat of your business, save time, work more effectively, and finally feel valued and appreciated for the absolutely amazing fitness professional that you are 💕

Are you ready?! If so, I'll see you in class!

Profit, Pricing + Productivity Workshop
📆 Monday 19th April 2021
⏲ London 12-2pm / Sydney 9-11pm / New York 7-9am
📍 Zoom (replay available)

Early bird tickets now on sale! Link is in the bio ⬆️⬆️⬆️

You became self-employed for a reason, and I feel you, I hear you, and I know the struggle is real when it comes to pricing 💲🤮 😭

I'm on a bit of a mission this year to ensure that you, the movement professional, are charging your worth for your products and services, because you ARE worth it, you ARE valued, and you ARE needed (even more so now the world is opening up again) 🥰

Scenario: you know when you get a quote for something from a contractor you usually approach 3 people, right? Do you go for: El Cheapo, the Middle Man, or the Way Out Of My League With A Five-Year Waiting List person? 🤔

Have a think about where YOUR products and services sit in the market… (5 seconds should do it…)

Do you know what I think about this though? It's YOUR business, and YOUR livelihood, and YOU can charge whatever you want, because money keeps the lights on and it puts food on the table, doesn't it? 🔦 🍆 🦪

(money also affords you luxurious things like leggings and holidays and scented candles and Himalayan healing salts, and whilst you're getting tremendous value out of the leggings right now, the holidays, the candles and the bath salts aren't happening because you're too busy at the laptop morning, noon and night, but that's another discussion for another day… 💻)

Now, as lovely as your mum is 👵 (bless her), unless she's in the same industry as you (what a great parent/offspring act that would make!), she's not always the best person to advise you on pricing, ok? 🤣

Got a question about what to charge? Send me a DM because I sure do love numbers and I'm here to help, ok? 🙌

Also, early bird tickets are on sale for a limited time on my NEW 2-hour Profit, Pricing + Productivity Workshop happening on Monday 19th April, 12pm UK / Sydney 9pm / New York 7am 💰

It's for frazzled FitPros who want to find hidden profit in their business, feel confident with pricing + approach admin and social media with more ease (to be able to experience the candles and bath salts) 🛀 🕯

DM me to the word "WORKSHOP" to book your ticket (before the price increases to the Way Out Of My League With A Five-Year Waiting List person) ⬆️⬆️⬆️

Could I BE anymore on-brand here? My clothing matches my @herdy_uk mask and woolly hat perfectly?! 😷💕🧢 And, it wasn't planned at all, I swear! 😆 🐑

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This is what a business mentoring client said to me recently, and those words touched me so much that I had to write them down 😭

You, as a fitness professional, get so caught up in wanting to serve your clients that you find yourself moving furniture every Tuesday morning, to teach a Zoom class at 7:30am for 2 people 😑

Don't get me wrong: the passion's still there, but the profit isn't, huh? 💰

This well-established fitness and Pilates instructor client of mine is working her way out of business prison, and here's her highlight reel in just 3 short weeks:

💷 She's added instant profit to her bottom line by raising her prices on her monthly classes (and not one client complained)
📧 One email she sent out to her list had the highest open rate (for the last 12 months EVER), and
✅ She put the feelers out about starting a #YourPelvicMatters pelvic floor class (and got 5 clients interested straightaway!)

My current fee for business mentoring is £1,500 for 4 x 1-hour sessions, and maybe you look at that figure and think "There's no way I could afford that, because I'd never make that investment back" 😳

Do you have £97 and 2 hours available though…? If so, keep reading, because I'm presenting a 2-hour workshop with a unique opportunity for you to discover:

1️⃣ 10 ways to add quick CASH INJECTION + find HIDDEN PROFIT in your fitness business
2️⃣ How to BREAK THE CYCLE of over-delivering and under-charging for your services
3️⃣ Where you're WASTING TIME right now + how you can become MORE ORGANISED
4️⃣ How to gain MONEY CONFIDENCE when it comes to pricing + charging your worth

Sound good? Want in? 🙋🏼‍♀️

Head to the link in the bio to book your EARLY BIRD SPOT on my NEW Profit, Pricing + Productivity Workshop 🙌🏻

Can't wait to see you there! 👩‍💻

I've just signed up a new instructor to my #YourPelvicMatters pelvic floor certification, and she has prolapse herself 😕

She contacted me a few weeks ago with some health history, and reached out with this question:

"I am interested in working with you 1:1 but wondered what the costs are for the Your Pelvic Matters course and if it would be worth me doing that instead?" 🙌

So, after a few emails back and forth, we decided it would be best for her to go through my YPM course, rather than book me for Personal Training, because her long-term plan is to help OTHER women, just like her with prolapse 💕

She found me via Instagram, and this comment as part of our conversation really touched me:

"I was so relieved to find someone who specialises in prolapse!" 🦄

I can't tell you how HAPPY I am to be that person! 😍

The reason I recommended my pelvic floor course to this instructor, over private sessions with me is because I get my teacher trainers straight to work on the PRACTICAL side of things in module 1, video 1 🦶 🦴 💪

You're not sitting through mundane anatomical lectures - it's the foundational YPM exercises you need in your back pocket, and these are the exact same exercises I teach my own prolapse clients, so it's like a win-win here for this instructor, huh? 😉

It's not a proud moment realising that you, the teacher, need to make changes to your own posture, alignment and holding patterns, to be able to TEACH this stuff to your clients, but I'm happy to be able to help one more person out there with prolapse…

…help several more people with prolapse as a result of my work 👼

Are you a teacher trainer interested in my foot-first, full-body approach to pelvic floor rehab? 🙋

Would you like more information about my Your Pelvic Matters course? DM me - that's all you need to do! ⬆️⬆️⬆️

I LOVE podcasts and people often ask me "What podcasts do you listen to, Claire?", so today I'm sharing 5 great episodes that I've listened to this week out on walks:

@themillionairegirlsclub - Millionaire Girls Club Podcast
Disrupting the outdated education system with guest @heididecoux, creator of Illuminated Life School (a must listen if you wished YOUR parents had sent you to a school to become an entrepreneur when you were a teenager!)

@suzy_ashworth - The Limitless Life Experience Podcast
How to get the best out of coaching (hilarious and brilliant insight into what a business coach actually is, and the realisation that your business mentor is NOT your mum)

@christinecorcoran_coach - Next Level Life Podcast
Permission to do it your way with guest (amazing interview showcasing how it is possible to run a business how YOU want, and as soon as Kirsten started talking, I KNEW she was a Manifestor in Human Design like me!)

@maikeetsang - The Quiet Rebels Podcast
Integrating introvert-friendly marketing into your business with guest @emmaouiseparkes (super insightful interview about marketing in a way that's sustainable for you, and gave me loads of tips for repurposing content with ease)

@_jesshoover - Tune In and Turn On Podcast
Live coaching call (part 1 + 2): digging deep to uncover childhood trauma (a unique "fly-on-the-wall" listening experience between Life Coach, Jess, and her client where you discover how your own childhood shapes the decisions you make in life + business)

It may surprise you that there's not ONE pelvic floor podcast on my list here… I guess that's one of the reasons I created my own #PelvicpreneurPodcast really 😬 🎙

Do you love podcasts too? 💕